Rebuild possible?

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Rebuild possible?

Post by Apicius49 »

Just taken over a very early Otter in sorry condition. Hull and sails, rigging, fine but woodwork (gunwhales, prow, transom) all severely rotted due to poor cover and non stainless screws which have rusted in. It looks like the only way is to remove and replace all wood above the GRP. Anyone able to give advice? Build up with laminate strips?Will be able to get number but suspect double digit...single skin with what was once lovely hardwood. Will try to include images when I've figured that out...

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Re: Rebuild possible?

Post by cweed »

Look in charity furniture shops for unloved mahogany furniture for transom and thwart.

Gunwhale strips may be available in timber yards, or as I did for a small rowing boat, use lengths of used curtain track on each side of the gunwhale and bolt through....

GRP resin will bond most problems.

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