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Free Otter

Post by brindolini »

Hi all,

on the facebook page Dinghies and Dinghy bits for sale - a kind soul in Folkestone has advertised a free otter, if anyone is interested.
Even if it helps to keep one or two more boats on the water in spares and repairs..

Interesting to see posts from Chichester harbour way, i sail out of Emsworth and raced (by which I mean, sluggishly pootled around) this weekend. Our first time racing her, and first attempt at sailing with my wife. Barring a jib cleat ripping off, and putting a great crack through the tiller extension, she moved along surprisingly well (my own ineptitude notwithstanding) !

Out of interest, has anyone found another (more commonplace) class of boat with a similar sized spinnaker - so that i can find a used one?


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Re: Free Otter

Post by aptanet »

I noted that and very briefly considered it, but given I'm only after a mast and boom I decided I really didn't need another hull. I'm currently refurbishing my original Otter and finding more to do as I dig into it. I may just be trying to do a better job than strictly necessary as bar one piece of wood it was all usable, but needing replacing in due course.

On the spinnaker front, have you tried Sea Teach (who seem to have rebranded to Ocean Chandlery and moved to Thornham Marina now)? They always used to be the go to place for second hand sails, although I've not been there in a while (I'm in the next harbour along, so pretty local). Size wise, I've just checked a document I've got (I can't remember where from so won't post it here) and from a quick scan the closest is a Heron. Gull and Mirror drop the size and Lark and Miracle increase a bit, so I'd probably go smaller rather than larger.
  • Otter: 6.53 sq m
  • Heron: 6.36 sq m
  • Gull: 5.57 sq m
  • Mirror: 5.2 sq m
  • YW Dayboat: 5.2 sq m
  • Lark: 7.4 sq m
  • Miracle: 7.4 sq m
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