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Otter cover

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My Otter dinghy cover got destroyed in the recent storm, does anyone have one for sale, it was a mast up type? I am in Cornwall.

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Re: Otter cover

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I don't have one available myself, as it happens I've only just got hold of one for my own Otter which has had to suffer the elements without one. I struck lucky with one turning up locally on eBay for £25. I have been looking around though and, without recommending anyone as I haven't used any of them, these are some links I came across. I was surprised to find the Otter listed, but I guess if they have the measurements they may as well advertise and make to order: (Southampton) (Northampton) ... overs.html (Gateshead) (Southampton) ... hy-covers/ (Exeter)

Difficult to judge them without seeing, and I doubt even Exeter is convenient to visit from Cornwall.
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