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Otter for Sale - Spares or Repair

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So I never got round to refurbing my Mum's old Otter, so we have decided it would be better to sell it, and have bought one we can actually sail instead.

It is being sold as spares or repair, I will try to be accurate as possible about its condition, but please get in touch if you have any other questions.

The good bits:
It is red, with sail number 617.
It comes with a launching trolley and road trailer which both work (no spare straps to hold it on though!)
The main sail is present - I will try to track down the jib and the spinnaker.
Everything else (except for the things listed below) is present and was working as far as I know, but the boat hasn't been on the water for many years. I had started trying to refurb the boat and have undone a few screws to get at the woodwork - everything that I took off has been kept in a pot.
Generally I would say that any woodwork is in reasonable condition with all screws holding well, and no signs of rot.

The bad bits:
There is a small 'hole' in the hull where the boat has been sat badly on a trolly for a number of years. A photo should be attached. The hole is about the size of an iPhone, and while you can't actually see through it, the fibreglass is perished and cracked and may not be watertight any more.
The mast is broken, from a tree which landed on it many years ago. Nothing has been removed from the mast though, so it still has all its stays etc. The only thing that is missing is the metal piece which holds the mast on the hull - again I may be able to track this down.

We are only interested in selling this as a whole lot, and will consider any sensible offer. Collection will be from Cornwall, PL26 7LG. I will be listing it on Ebay at some point, I thought I would just try my luck here first.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. I have more photos so can email them on to anyone interested.
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