Cruising an Otter

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Cruising an Otter

Post by jocasam »

I am new to the forum but have checked the past topics and cannot see my question answered so here goes....

I sailed a Mirror for many years and then went to a cabined 20 foot dayboat but spent too great a proportion of my time working rather than sailing it.

I'm looking for a grp hull, no heavier than 270lb which I can sail single handedly but also take 2 or 3 with me for a daysail. Occasionally I would like to do a weekend cruise.

The Otter may fit the bill but would appreciate advice from one who knows the craft. I wonder if you could comment, especially on how 'wet' she is and storage and also tell me what would be a reasonable price to pay for one in good condition?


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Re: Cruising an Otter

Post by Otter915 »

Hi Jocasam,

The Otter would be a good choice and would meet most of your requirements. For a 12 foot boat it is dry and has a good range of stability for a dinghy so you get plenty of warning before you capsize. It is easy to single hand because it has a fairly modest sail area with a fractional rig so basically if you release the main you totally depower the boat because the jib is so small (like on your old mirror). It falls down a bit on the storage area simply because of its small size but it is fine for cruising solo or taking 3 for a day sail. Basically it is similar to the mirror but quite a bit heavier to drag about, it is a little bit faster, it points a little better, is more robust, is more comfortable to sit in, is easier to maintain - and last but not least it has a point at the front so actually looks like how a boat should look.

As for condition personally I would try to find one with a good trailer that fits the boat well as you will probably find the trailer more of a pain to sort out than the boat. If the trailer is good and the boat and sails ok I would expect to pay about £500 - although ebay bargains do crop up and you could get a boat without a trailer or on a poor trailer for as little as £100.

Regards James.

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Re: Cruising an Otter

Post by albacore43 »

Not wishing to pry but if you let us know your "rough" location, you may be able to liaise with an Otter owner on this forum to see an example first-hand.

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