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Toe strap

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Hi all , just about to get my Otter (523) in the water .
But I have a question , it came with a wide webbing strap that was looped from stem to stern tied with a 4 mm loop of rope at each end to the small deck eye but was then screwed up under each side of the thwart , is this correct ?.
But whilst searching for images of Otters I came across a picture that showed that the stern deck eye was the securing point for the center board when raised ??

So what would the stern deck eye be for ?


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Re: Toe strap

Post by cweed »

Toestraps on my boat are secured by two plates screwed through the webbing to the floor, one in front of the centreboard and one behind. The webbing is raised to a point below the thwart / seat so that you can get your feet under the straps easily and so that the webbing just doesn't sit flat on the sole (floor).

I've been thinking of removing mine..................

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