End of season sail and centreboard

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End of season sail and centreboard

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I took a bit of time out from work this morning to take Bertie, an Otter obviously, out for an end of season sail. I really can't get over how well she handles. She tacks very quickly and smoothly with so little loss of speed she is a pleasure to handle. Bertie isn't a showroom boat either, with quite old sails and being an ex-training boat the main has a float built into the top (great for getting the kids afloat though). Even with the lack of wind there was when we first went out she made noticeable headway, and as it picked up she chuckled along nicely.

Anyway, on of the things we need to improve is the centreboard handling. We have a block ahead and aft of the board, but haven't worked out how it should be rigged. We've lashed something together for now, but if anyone has a photo or can describe how it should be secured it would be very helpful.
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