Firefox for web developers

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Firefox for web developers

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I don't know how many here have investigated Firefox as an alternative to IE, or how many test their sites in multiple browsers for compatibility (well worth doing as there are far too many IE only sites out there that would only need very minor alterations to make the W3C complaint).

Anyway, apart from being more secure than IE, Firefox has a wonderful system for extensions. I use a few to make working with it nicer adding features such as remembering your open tabs and reopening them automatically when you start up, backing up / synchronising bookmarks between machines, a weatherforecast feed onto a menu bar, etc..

The one that may be of most relevance here though is the Web Developer one. This adds a new menu bar with a whole range of useful options on it. As a few examples how about:
  • Find broken images
  • View cookie information
  • Clear http authentication
  • Outline table cells
  • Switch the size to standard or custom sizes (800x600, or etc.)
  • Validate HTML, CSS, etc.
There are many more as well. Well worth a look, and a usefull development tool - and its free :)