This forum needs publicising!

Forum for sailing club and sailing association webmasters to exchange ideas.

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This forum needs publicising!

Post by davecooper »

Amazing! Only yesterday I was thinking.. " Why isn't there a forum for webmasters of sailing clubs and dinghy classes? We must all be facing similar challenges, we should be sharing our solutions and discussing our problems." And just like magic, here's a forum. And has been for the last couple of years, apparently. We need to spread the word on this.
It shouldn't be that difficult.
Dave Cooper

PS. Nice phpBB skin! What's it called?

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Post by aptanet »

It does indeed. I did try a bit locally when I first started the site, but there was no real interest. I've left it here in the hope that it picks up, but haven't really pushed advertising since I've not had the time to get the main site going properly yet!

Skin wise, it is the Helius one, which I think was the default when I first installed PHPBB. I did tweak it a bit, but the changes have gone with updates that I have made and I haven't put them back. I really need to either change away from PHPBB, patch it with one or more of the add-ons available or write my own patches for it. The admin to get rid of the junk joiners and posts is hard work to say the least. Lots of clicks to get anything done and no tools that make bulk operations simple.

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