Enquiry on Engine type and size on Kingfisher 22

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Enquiry on Engine type and size on Kingfisher 22

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From Intrest point of view
Could anyone tell me the original recommended Engine for my Kingfisher 22, at present I have a 5HP Evinrude and a pair of Seagull's 2hp & 4hp.

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Paul Medland

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Well the outboard well was designed around the Johnson 6HP as it was back then. Engines have improved in the drive they can produce for a given engine size and I am more than happy with the Yamaha 5HP unit I have in mine. This itself is a few years old, but I should imagine that any modern 5HP outboard should push the boat well enough so long as they fit in the well - which I believe most do, although the 4 stroke engines may be a little large.

I did purchase a Yamha 8HP that had been installed in a K20+ just prior to getting my current 5HP one, but what I didn't realise was that the engine well had been modified to accomodate it (and I don't think the owner I bought it from was aware either). Thankfully I got more as a trade in for the new engine than I paid, so I wasn't too worried :)