Lines led back and boarding ladder

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Sula Bach
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Lines led back and boarding ladder

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Thanks for the advice re slab reefing. we too want to lead the lines back to the cockpit, but are concerned about drilling holes in the coachroof. How have you arranged your jammers etc. We would also like to fit a rear boarding ladder, has anyone fitted one recently. any advice re suppliers etc. would be appreciated

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Control lines

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I considered leading controls back to cockpit but decided to take them to the foot of the mast because there would be less friction in the system and the difficulty of drilling/providing support pads in the coach roof. K26 hand rails are substantial and as I don't have a roller reefing jib I have brought the jib controls to the mast foot. With twin forstays I normally have two sails hanked on so it should not be necessary to make too many trips to the bows. The main sail has two reefing lines which are lead down through a Barton slab reefing kit and then to two cleats mounted under the boom. My clew outhaul is a bit under powered at present as it is a simple single purchase.
Regarding the stern ladder. Tamsin has a ladder similar to that shown in latest Compass catalogue page 157 item 14 this is secured by four bolts on large plywood backing packs.

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I once sailed a nineteen foot sadler seawitch with all lines led aft, the drag was unbelievable, its far easier hoisting the main on my K30.
I have owned my Kingfisher 30 Mk2 Wastrel of Mochras since 1992 . This year I am refitting her.