K26 roller reefing to slab reefing

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Sula Bach
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K26 roller reefing to slab reefing

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Sula Bach is a K26 built in 1970's, we practically rebuilt her in 2002/2003 and now are thinking of changing the roller reefing main to slab reefing. Has anyone done this, or know where we can get more information? Jim Palmer

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Post by tamsin »

Hi Jim, I have converted my K26 Tamsin to slab reefing main and all lines leading to the foot of the mast for single handed sailing. When I bought Tamsin she had a new main made for slab reefing which included the reefing cringles and reef points you will need these adding.
The clew was fitted with a simple outhaul which is satisfactory when not loaded but needs extra purchase if it needed adjustment for sail trim, this is something I will change later on.
I have fitted two reefing pendants leading to a Barton 24"slab reefing kit from there the lines go to two horn cleats secured underneath the boom near to the mast.
The tack of the sail gave most problems, I made from stainless steel a collar which fits the boom joint and also carries the double tack hook. The original screw for rotating the boom was left in situ as it locks the boom in position.
If you need more detail let me know.
Regards Peter Sinclair

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Post by Wastrel »

I converted Wastrel to slab reefing years ago, I managed to run the reefing lines internally (only two) using holes drilled in the boom then shaped using a marlinespike, I attached reefing horns to the gooseneck end of the boom and riveted fairleads, cleats and blocks directly to the boom, this ended up neater than the off the shelf setup (which I had fitted to a previous boat) I used to talk to a previous owner of Sula Bach when visiting Porthmadoc, she had some sailing under her belt AFAIR.
I have owned my Kingfisher 30 Mk2 Wastrel of Mochras since 1992 . This year I am refitting her.