marine lecture

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marine lecture

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I thought I would alert you to the following (free) lecture; if you would like to attend, please just approach me for tickets.

7.00pm, Thursday 23rd November at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London.

Sharks, Seals & Cetaceans – at Risk in our Seas

Talks by Earthwatch scientists Colin Speedie, MER Consultants (Britain’s Basking Sharks) & Dr. Kevin Robinson, Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (Whales & Dolphins of the Moray Firth)

Investigating the impacts of man’s encroaching activities on the behaviour, and indeed survival, of some of Britain’s largest and most charismatic marine species.


Admission free, but by ticket only.

Contact Earthwatch on (01865) 318856;