Merry Christmas & updates please

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Merry Christmas & updates please

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First off I'd like to wish anyone who has popped by here a very Merry Christmas. That is of course assuming you've popped by only shortly after I posted this. If not I hope you had a good Christmas :)

Now I have you all in a good mood, it's time to ask a favour. If you could check that the information about your club on the PLSA website is up to date, and if not let me know, it would be very helpful. As you may note, some of the dates (quoted at the bottom of each page) for the last update to the information are getting a bit old. For those that are going back a bit, if you do know that these are still correct I would appreciate a quick email to let me know.

I do have an overhaul of the site in the works, so with any luck and a following wind I should have both a new look and a few new features available for next season. If you have any suggestions I'd be very pleased to hear them.
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