New PLSA Sailing Secretary invites you to chase a goose!

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New PLSA Sailing Secretary invites you to chase a goose!

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First of all, thank you to the PLSA who have elected me Sailing Secretary. I hope I am worthy of your support! :)

The Wild Goose Chase Open event has been a feature of the Langstone Harbour racing calendar for many years. Langstone, Tudor, Locks and ECA take turns to run it and host the prizegiving.

There are classes for dinghies, cruisers and multihulls, and the course is traditionally set in the middle of the harbour. This year's event is being run by ECA and is on Saturday 11th September.

When Tony Lister raised the idea of a PLSA Regatta last year, myself, Jack Miller (Locks) and Richard Gunn (Tudor) proposed that the WGC should form the basis of the dinghy part of the event.

After Tony resigned, it was assumed that the whole proposal for a joint regatta would also die. However I would like to revive the idea by inviting all the PLSA clubs to attend this event, especially the dinghies and multihulls.

If there is a good response, it should be possible for visiting dinghies to launch from either Langstone or Tudor, or public slipways. The sail from Langstone to the usual start area is 30-45 minutes depending on the wind strength, less from Tudor.

Next autumn when all the clubs are planning 2005 calendars, the success or otherwise of opening up the WGC to Western Division PLSA clubs can be discussed and plans made for the future.

I am aware of one PLSA trophy lurking in a members' loft, but there may be another one, possibly 'adopted' by a club. It would have the name 'Brickwoods' and may be a cup or a shield.
Jenny Fletcher
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