Eastern Division Report February 2010

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Eastern Division Report February 2010

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Report February 2010

Bob Russell, who in addition to his role as President of the PLSA and Chairman of the LHB Advisory Committee, is the Southern Region representative of the Royal Yachting Association, reports that the RYA is concerned at the level of contact achieved with individual members and affiliated Clubs. The Southern Region has now created a separate website http://www.ryasr.org.uk/ in an attempt to improve this situation. Likewise environmental matters of interest to boat owners are available from the Green/Blue. Links to these and other useful sites are available from http://www.plsa.org.uk/

The Judicial Review into objections to increases in commercial dues was heard in December and a decision is awaited. Unfortunately this will not resolve the issue since the aggregates industry have lodged a further appeal against increases for earlier years. Therefore, benefits to finances are again postponed, even if the Board case is

Havant Museum
Now called The Spring has reopened and contains maritime displays concerning Langstone Harbour.

LHB visitor guide
Now in print and will be available from Libraries, Council Offices and the Harbour Board.

Kendalls Wharf
The PLSA, through the Advisory Committee, protested that Tudor SC had been excluded from a meeting of bodies with an interest in proposals for extension of the wharf. Assurances were given that this will not recur.

An application by the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain to operate in the harbour, was turned down by the Board in 2009, after consultation with Natural England and Stakeholders. HCGB. have now complained to the Dept. of Transport. LHB. have responded and the outcome is awaited. PLSA and the Advisory Committee strongly support the LHB position.

Langstone Harbour race weekend
The Harbour Manager's annual report was highly complimentary of this event, organised by Tudor, Locks and Langstone SC's and looked forward to it becoming an annual event.

North Solent shoreline management plan
This is a non-statutory plan setting out a framework for coastal defences against possible sea level rises. It comprises three phases over the next one hundred years. Details are available on a website, again a link from http://www.plsa.org.uk/ Essentially it proposes a "hold the line" policy throughout most of the harbour. There is an area of "managed realignment" at Southmoor, to the east of Broadmarsh. MR, is the PC term replacing "managed retreat" See http://www.northsolentsmp.co.uk/

Little terns
Sadly the RSPB efforts with new shingle on Baker Island had limited success. 45 pairs nested, but only 5 chicks fledged. Predation by foxes caused most trouble. Also parent birds failed to instil in their young the need to remain within the electric fence which had been installed for their protection.

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