Eastern Division Report December 2009

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Eastern Division Report December 2009

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Report December 2009

Harbour-side Caravan Site
Permission has been granted to accommodate 68 caravans, it remains unclear whether these are static or touring. I imagine the latter to be the more likely.

Chain Ferry
I have Mark Somers to thank for the information that an article on this improbable proposal was recently published in Motor Boat Monthly magazine. Not one on my reading list.

Harbour charges 2010
The LHB treasurer anticipates revenues some £39,000 below estimates. The impact of the recession contributes appreciably to this result. The Board is being recommended to approve an increase of 1.5% on harbour dues, moorings and compound fees.

Commercial Harbour Dues
As reported, the Public Local Enquiry Objection, by the aggregates industry, to the increases previously approved by the Secretary of State commenced on December 1st and is likely to last four or five days.

Kendalls Wharf
At time of writing, there is no further information on this project. A meeting of Statutory Consultees has taken place to identify areas of concern and possible impacts. Regrettably Tudor SC was not qualified to attend despite being the organisation subject to the greatest impact. A Planning Application will now be submitted, accompanied by an Environmental Statement. This will be followed by a 16 week consultation period, after which Portsmouth CC will make a decision in their customary fashion.

Of interest to you?
I now have copies of Solent News, the newsletter of the Solent Forum, and Solent Protection Society News. These contain topics such as SoMaP, the Marine Bill, Coastal access, Farlington Marshes, "our" Seals and the Binness Islands. I will hang these from the north wall of the Clubroom for the month of January before retrieval for filing. PLEASE replace after browsing and do not remove from the Clubroom.

Brian Tansom
Vice President PLSA East

Note: The last section is with reference to the Tudor Sailing Club. You can also refer to the respective websites: http://www.solentforum.org/ and http://www.solentprotection.org/ for more information.
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